Hey Im Amanda
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i dont want to worry anymore. i just want to forget you. i want to forget the world and just listen to music. and write quotes, poems, about everything. except about you. 
or maybe, just maybe, i want to be right next to you. and feel your heartbeat. and stroke your hair. and look into your blue eyes. i want to look up to the sky, count the stars and make wishes with you. and write poems for and about you. i wish i could have you back. i wish you would actually care. but you don’t. you’re gone. and i miss you so goddamn much, it hurts like hell.

please don’t delete the source, quote and pic are mine xxx


i either don’t care how anybody thinks of me or i am totally insecure over who i am there is no inbetween

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I like the way he smokes his cigarettes